5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Play Sitters Hawaii’s owner and operator, Alexandra Anglehuta (“Ali”), has worked with my children for over two years now. In that time, I’ve had the privilege of watching her talent and skills evolve and grow into a profession that is hugely vital and valuable to children and parents alike. From the very beginning, Ali demonstrated the qualities that I was looking for in an individual who would be spending one-on-one time with my children. Engaging, interactive, creative, thoughtful, interested, caring, insightful – just to name a few – are the qualities that Ali naturally brings to her work as a play sitter. When my husband or I have had to be away from home for work, errands, date-nights, or other commitments of daily life, I know that my children are wholly engaged and above all, learning from the moment that we walk out the door. I have watched their imaginations grow, their communication skills reach new heights, and their enjoyment in interactive play increase during a time when the call of more media-driven play can be so enticing. Ali has been an instrumental element in their growth. Therefore, I give Alexandra Anglehuta and Play Sitters Hawaii my highest recommendation. That is, if you’re looking for someone who takes the term “sitter” to new heights.


  2. We used Alexandra on short notice for a large family gathering. We had to introduce her to three young children in the family and have them comfortable enough for all the adults to attend an event with no phones! As recommended by a friend, we risked it….

    She arrived with her wonderful bags of toys, and the three children who were old enough to attend the event were immediately jealous of the children who stayed home. She communicated clearly, only by text (the event mandated it) and was truly a miracle. If we’d realized what an amazing sitter she is – we might have left the larger group and had a real parents night out!

    We highly recommend Alexandra and Play Sitters Hawaii for not only those who live here full time, but with confidence that if you are visiting and want a night out where your kids are truly entertained without digital distraction – you’ll have it! Your only problem after hiring these amazing sitters is convincing your children that hanging with parents is even close to as fun as being with Play Sitters Hawaii.


  3. Ali has been caring for our toddler for a few months and my husband and I could not be more pleased. My son is always excited to see her and her big bags of toys! I have noticed since she started caring for him that not only has his vocabulary/communication skills improved, but he becomes frustrated less now that he has tools in place to ask for what he needs. She also sets different “goals” for him (for example learning how to sign please and thank you), plays developmental games with him, and really gets down on his level from the moment she steps through the door. As a nurse I know that play is how children learn from the world around them- it is their “job”, and I am so impressed that Ali really incorporates this into her time with my son. That said, what has really stood out to me was an occasion in which my son was having difficulty taking adequate naps when she cared for him. She did research on her own outside of work to see what else could be done to improve his nap times and it worked! I do not know of many sitters who would take time to think about kids they care for outside of the time they are actually sitting to do research. I am so glad for Ali and highly recommend Play Sitters Hawaii to anyone looking for quality play time and care for their children while they are out.


  4. Our family is so fortunate to have Ali and her childcare services. She takes the time to get to know the individual child and the family. Ali brings age and developmentally appropriate toys and games with her each time. She even remembers little details about a favorite toy or game the child enjoyed from the last time. She adapts her play to the needs of the child. Ali will text a picture during the fun for us to see while we’re out and she doesn’t rush out when we return. Ali takes the time to tell us about how the time went for our child. We really appreciate how much she cares about our child and her well-being.
    Ali is true professional. She is reliable and very responsive. It is wonderful to find a licensed and trained caregiver in play therapy who will come to our home.


  5. If you have come to this website, I must congratulate you. You need never search for another babysitter again. Ali is truly in a league of her own. Her skills, patience, intelligence and knowledge of kids are unsurpassable.
    As two full-time working parents, we have used a multitude of babysitters. We were pleased with them and pleased with ourselves for choosing them. Our 1-year-old was returned to us in one piece without sustaining any head injuries or choking on any small objects. We had considered this is a success.
    We were therefore completely blown away when Ali showed up with a bag of age-specific toys. Our son ran to her, never looked back and never shed a tear at our leaving (a little to our dismay). We returned to find our 1-year-old using sign language, well-fed (a battle we had been fighting with getting him to eat), and literally crying when she had to leave. He absolutely adored and respected her. This has never happened with a babysitter before.
    She is a true professional. Using her as a babysitter is the equivalent of a trip to Disneyland in terms of fun, an enrollment at Hanahau’oli in terms of preschool education, and the warmth of a family member in terms of her care. She is a gem without an equal. You truly have found the best Hawaii (or even the mainland for that matter) could possible offer in terms of babysitting.


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