Rates & Booking

PLAYSITTING RATES PER HOUR                    

1 Child $20

2 Siblings $25

3 Siblings $30

4 Siblings $35


$15 per hour after 8pm (not depending on number of children and children must be in bed). Rate applies after 3 hours of playsitting  (or 2 hours of playsitting for three children!)



Each family will be charged separate rates as stated above per family unit.


Hotel: $40 fee and paid parking

Temporary housing: $20 PER DAY for homes  that are not childs primary residence and do not have baby gear (babyproofed homes, cribs, high chairs, play pens, etc.)


  • Please note that there is a Three hour minimum for one or two children in a booked sitting (exceptions will be made based on location). Two hour minimum for three or more children.
  • PlaySitters should be paid for their time up until they exit your home. If requested, PlaySitters will provide a hand written form outlining the home visit. However, If you would like to verbally discuss in greater detail what occurred in your absence, please come home a tad earlier or account the time into the pay.
  • There are no booking or cancellation fees. Here at PlaySitters Hawaii we understand that sometimes things outside of our control happen and you may need to cancel a reservation. We ask that you give us notice as soon as possible so that we may be available to other families.
  • To ensure that a sitter will be a available for your needs, please contact us as soon as possible to lock in your date! The sooner the better!
  • To book a PlaySitter simply call or text at 530-282-3442. You may also email us at alexandra_angheluta@hotmail.com




2 thoughts on “Rates & Booking

    • Hi Kerrie! I provide services in all of the areas you listed. Im constantly on the windward side, so Kaneohe is not an issue at all!, When I provide services at hotels I just ask that parking is covered! If you needed me in high traffic time to Koolina, I would charge a travel fee if it takes more than the average 45minutes. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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